Transforming Their Trajectory

Three billion people live without hope where Jesus is not known or shown. And that number grows by 60,000 every day.
At OM, we choose to go to the 3 billion—to the unreached.
That’s why your work matters.
You and thousands of others can go in this way.

God has a purpose for making you as He did. Your talents are needed! We can help you display Jesus’ love to others through your work in another country where access to the gospel is limited (or nonexistent).

A New Generation Of Workers.

A new, global workforce of unprecedented size has emerged.  A younger generation yearns to reflect Jesus with their whole selves — throughout their personal and professional lives. And the doors of the nations are wide open for skilled workers.

These converging realities have created a prime opportunity for a new generation of Jesus followers. At OM, we stir up and equip believers from many nations, including the US, to use their professional skills in places where Jesus is not known. In those same places, we equip local workers to have self-sustainable roles in the community. As we train, empower, and offer guidance, we help followers of Jesus grow in boldness and competency.

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Take Your Job to the World/Middle East & North Africa/Business/Vocational
Marketplace workers use their skills, build relationships with coworkers at their jobs and live out God’s love through their professions. Ministry has always ...
Your work can change the world
We can help you join this movement without joining an organization.
We don’t “own” our workers. Yes, we have core workers who are part of our team, but our independent workers are just that – independent. They do what God made them to do, with training and guidance as needed from OM.
Our Coaches can guide you onto a new path
that uses your occupation, so you can keep working and also live out the love of Jesus where He is not known.
Let a Coach bring the world within reach.
Where OM Works
We live out our commitment to see vibrant communities of Jesus followers in places where He is not known in 120+ countries.
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Your generosity can change the world.
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Jesus’ love has hands and feet. Millions of our fellow believers overseas have taken up this cause, daily going and giving in His name so the next community might know His salvation.

OM is an international mobilizing organization, equipping believers all over the world to serve in their own, or similar, cultures by leveraging their unique, God-given skills and personalities.

Your gift fills their hands and fuels their steps as they live out Jesus’ love for those in need.
Give Now to bring Jesus within reach.
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    • Living and working overseas strikes people differently, depending on a number of factors.
    • If the thought of taking a job in your occupation in a foreign country is exhilarating, you might want to know how ready you are to take the plunge!
    • If that thought brings up a host of doubts and concerns, you might want to know where to begin, to address them.