The Gospel is changing everything

True stories from Earth’s unreached corners

Stories are a part of what make us human. We see our experience through our own lenses, but what's more, we can see through the lens of the Gospel.

Welcome to this space of show and tell. "We are writing these things so that our joy may be complete" (1 John 1:4).

Scatter Global in the AP

Working for Much More Than a Paycheck in the Arabian Peninsula

Ukraine - Building Sustainable Businesses for Transformation

In post-Soviet Ukraine, there have been many struggles.

Moldova - ‘It is true, we can be made clean!’

A simple outreach, but great excitement

Costa Rica - A Decent Home

If it’s not one thing, it’s another. And we love that!


Peer support, not pressure, for Christian teens at TeenStreet

Ships - Cleaning for Jesus

Second Kings 5:1-18 tells the story of the prophet Elisha healing the general Namman of leprosy in the Jordan River.

Caribbean - Disaster Relief in Barbuda

OM Caribbean encompasses 28 countries yet operates with a staff of just 21 people.

Zimbabwe - Fighting Bible Poverty

When working to reduce Bible poverty among the least reached, no system is without flaws, as OM worker Matthew* in Zimbabwe has learned.

Taiwan - Breakthrough at Step Out 2018

OM’s Step Out conference is the only Chinese-English short-term event in Asia that gives practical missions training and hands-on experience.

South Asia - Why I help

OMer Ellyn grew up as an American overseas in Europe. Her story embodies OM’s work.

Italy - A Vibrant Community Emerges

Italy: the church LaTorre in Pisa

Hero Pastors of the Ukraine Share God’s Love

"A sniper can shoot and anything can happen." Adelina hates the war ravaging her hometown in Ukraine. But guess who's jumping in to help?

Where the Broken and Weary Receive Care

Yande’s mom gave her up when she was only two, assuming she’d never walk. Six years later, at age eight, “never” arrived...

A Choice He Didn’t Have to Make

Through OM’s Marketplace Worker initiative, Christian professionals—from doctors and domestic workers to engineers and hairstylists—are intentionally living out the Gospel in their jobs and everyday lives overseas.