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We have the unique opportunity to watch the Spirit work every day. We witness the sick healed, marriages restored, and relationships repaired. But transformation isn’t reserved for the people we serve. It happens in us too. When we step out in faith to serve God, to heed his call on our lives, we are changed. Our souls are refreshed and we find significance in our work.

This is the power of living life in service of others, just as Jesus asked us. And this is the power of discovering your calling. This significance, the realization that your life matters, is a by-product of a life lived with purpose. We feel it and the people we serve feel it.

We aren’t super-religious and we don’t have special skills just because we’re missionaries. We are men and women just like you, who have chosen to use our education, professional experience, and skills to make disciples in all the world. 

Meet us...

I am Shirley

When Shirley Turner was seven years old, she felt God tug her heart towards missions. Years later, that tug became a calling and OM provided the opportunity to follow it.

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We are Crossroads Church

Crossroads Church was established in 1989 with a specific vision for its congregation. Little did they know, OM would help them play an integral role in the global church as well.

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I am Jonathan

From one college prayer meeting to nearly two decades overseas, Jonathan Wright’s life has been shaped by God's work through OM.

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I am Heather

Heather Fraser never felt called to the mission field. But the reason isn’t what you might expect.

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We are Julie and Alex

Julie Paniagua grew up with a heart for missions because of OM and today, God continues to build her family’s legacy of faith.

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I am Inga

Inga Karstina was involved with criminals and drug addicts early in life, but in her late thirties, she glimpsed an unusual ray of hope.

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I am Regina

When Regina Palazuelos was nine years old, she boarded a bus at her church for the ninety minute trip to Guaymas, Sonora, where the OM ship Logos II would dock.

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