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Modern day slavery and human trafficking are two of the most corrosive elements in any society and still exist around the world today.

Our vision is to see freedom and healing for the most vulnerable and exploited women and children—for them to be prayerfully equipped to fulfill God’s purposes in their own lives and communities as they follow Jesus. We’re raising our voices to heighten global awareness, mobilize prayer, promote significant advocacy and take practical action through our projects that focus on prevention, rescue, restoration and development. In a time when there are more slaves than ever before, we’re partnering with governments, NGOs, churches and individuals to set the oppressed on the path of freedom, both physically and spiritually.

Freedom Challenge
Our annual physical challenges—summiting mountains, trekking famous roads, backpacking across mountain ranges—mobilize participants to not only be a voice for those trapped in modern day slavery but also to raise prayer and financial support for our projects around the world. Freedom Challenge isn’t just a series of events; it’s a movement.

Rescue and Restore Programs
Catalytic Ministries coordinate and support rescue efforts for women and children ensnared by slavery and abuse, and provide a safe place where they can receive long-term care and healing as they climb out of brokenness to a new life full of hope and dignity. We believe holistic recovery is not only found physically or psychologically but also spiritually. Practically, we provide trauma counseling, education and life skills development for women and children who’ve been trafficked, partner with local law enforcement, advocate for children’s rights and protection laws and operate restoration centers where rescued girls can heal.

Prevention and Development Programs
Through prevention projects like Traffick Wise, we connect Jesus followers with non-believers who might be vulnerable to exploitation; we teach them skills to provide for themselves and their families, as well as share the good news of Christ. Among our offered programs are awareness seminars, after-school programs for vulnerable children and training for Christian teachers who can advocate for their students. From our programs, many have chosen to follow Jesus, and they, in turn, disciple others. We also offer skills development training to the at-risk, providing long-term solutions to help women overcome poverty and become less vulnerable to exploitation.

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