No such thing as retirement

February 17, 2012


“We are thankful for the new field God has placed us in,” say veteran OMers Henk and Irene. After 23 years of reaching out to refugees and Jewish immigrants in Germany the pair have now transplanted to Canada—and taken their joy in evangelism with them!

“We have been working in the malls in Ottawa, meeting up with all kinds of people and having very precious times of sharing the best news. Over 30 young Israelis were working on the stands and a good 85 per cent took a New Testament or a Tenach (Hebrew Scriptures) after a talk. I am sure God worked in their hearts. He had a purpose for bringing them to this side of the ocean before taking them home again! We hear more will be coming to Ottawa this June.

“We continue to reach out to the masses on our doorstep, a good 50 per cent of whom have no idea what the gospel is about. And we find that 80 per cent of people want to talk! Most of them take a New Testament at the end, and that includes Muslims. But we are also seeing areas where we long to work and cannot, so we are mentoring a new generation of believers to do this. Yesterday we met with two excellent fellows, Daniel, a Messianic Jew, and Andrew, who has been working in Turkey. They will take the lead in getting churches involved in open-air meetings using a stage in a beautiful park here along the river. We also know two great Ethiopians who have a burden and vision to reach out to the Somali community. What a blessing to mentor such potential!”

Pray that Henk and Irene’s many contacts with unbelievers will lead to their salvation, and for their fruitful mentoring of other Christians who want to get involved.