Far East

Impacting young people

January 19, 2015

Matt and Sara made a life-changing decision in 2010 in response to God’s call and moved to China.

They lead a busy life. During the day, Matt holds a full-time job. He has many opportunities to build relationships with the people he meets in his job, particularly young people.

The young people are naturally drawn to Matt and Sara, seeing the love they have for them and for each other. They are hungry for a similar relationship and take advantage of opportunities to know the couple on a more personal level.

At appropriate times, Matt opens the door for his friends to study the Word of God. When they express interest, Matt and Sara study with small groups or one-on-one. Through these interactions, some of the young people have found faith in Christ.

Matt shares his testimony of how a young man, John, came to faith after attending the meetings. In the subsequent months, John in turn brought four other friends with him: Ben, Jimmy, Greg and Dan. Ben came to faith and brought along Joan, Judy, Anna and Edward. Jimmy also became a believer and brought along Mia, Mike and Wu to the meetings.

It greatly thrills Matt and Sara that the young people have a passion to introduce their friends to the Saviour, watching the good news multiply among those who seek truth.

Matt and Sara are humbled to be called and used by God in China. They greatly appreciate and are dependent on the prayers of their supporters. They also praise the Lord for calling one of their own children to China and look forward to seeing him cross cultures and serve more Chinese people.

Please pray for Matt and Sarah and their ministry in China. Pray that those who attend the Bible studies would grow in faith and knowledge of God’s love.  

*All names changed