Short term missions in the Philippines

August 23, 2017

Thirty-seven people from Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the Philippines responded to the call of the Gospel to bless the tribal people of Palawan, Philippines in April 2017. For 23-years, OM Philippines' annual missions exposure programme, Go the Extra Mile (GEM), continues to raise up more ministers and labourers to reap the spiritual harvest. The participants go through a five-day training on creative evangelism, manuscript Bible study, the safe handling of children, and condensed course for World Mission called ‘Harvest Connection’ - which are nine 45 minute-sessions covering different aspects of missions from Biblical foundations, history, strategies and methods of missions, sending out of workers and the key role of the church in mission -  before heading to the Tribal Youth Camp and a community immersion over the next two weeks to use what they had learned.

Abigail Fangonon one participant from Benguet, a landlocked province in the Philippines, shared about her GEM experience, "The Lord opened many opportunities for us to minister and to be ministered to. He humbled my heart and broke an attitude He knows would hurt Him and my own spirit. He can use broken vessels to shine brighter than the stars – because Jesus shines through us! During the Tribal Youth Camp and outreach, I couldn't help but pray for more labourers because the harvest is plentiful here and ready!"

Please pray for the youth who were ministered to in April, that God would continue to speak to them and reveal Himself to them. Pray also that more workers would be raised up for next year’s outreach, so that even more tribal people can be blessed during the outreach time. Contact your local OM office at to find out about joining GEM 2018!