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OM Ship
IT Internship with Technology Services Department

This is a unique opportunity to serve on abord an ocean-going ship! Join the Technology Services team on the Logos Hope and support their work as they provide ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) services to the crew and departments on board.

Virtual SEO and Web Development in Arabian Peninsula

We need a SEO and Web design/development Intern to review and analyze our website using Google and WIX analytics and make recommendations on new or improvements/restructuring of existing content. The intern will also create a reporting dashboard to produce a monthly Summary Analysis of the websites’ performance.

Virtual OMMS HR Deployment Internship

Assist in the preparation & completion of all elements necessary for the Migration of Data during the deployment of OMMS HR system to each OM field/entity around the world, specifically assisting in the following tasks: a. Collation & preparation of staff name lists for all OM fields/entities participating in each Wave. b. Preparation of Data Import Templates (DIT) spreadsheets with existing staff names for sending to respective OM fields/entities. c. Guide each OM field/entity on how to extract, collate & populate their DIT spreadsheet with current data from existing systems. d. Working with each OM field/entity to ensure that all data reverted in DIT spreadsheets are complete and are in correct formats. e. Assist in assignment of Personnel Numbers & Position Numbers to each staff record. f. Assist in collating & sending DITs to D365 HR vendor for uploading into OMMS HR system(s).

Computer Class Teacher

Your ability to utilize Microsoft Office can be a huge blessing towards local Christians serving with the OM team. Come for a few months and teach them the useful skills of Word/Excel to be more equipped servants for the Kingdom of God. You will experience cross-cultural missions and see spiritual growth while you are serving with God’s people.

Atlanta Ga region
IT Help Desk

Helpdesk support. Providing tech support to users experiencing issues. We’ll develop a specific technical project for the intern to “own” and deliver over the course of their internship.

Custom Internship

OM works in over 110 countries and partners with like-minded organizations, so we are always finding new opportunities to fit candidates. To begin the process of hand-crafting an internship just for you, fill out an application here.

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